Sunday, July 22, 2012

Photographer Vanessa Velez Interviewed

The Plus Model Magazine Swimsuit Issue 2012 was just breathtaking. To see that two beautiful and talented  young ladies  from Puerto Rico were featured  was a dream come true.  I contacted Vanessa Velez the photographer and asked her if she would give me an exclusive interview, which she graciously agreed too.

Marta- How did the idea of making this editorial come about?

Vanessa- Ana approached me about her wanting to do a swimsuit shoot, she sent over some ideas and I loved her line of thinking, so I built an inspiration board sharing some ideas we could incorporate in. Once we got a concrete line of thought we started bringing together different people to help build this beautiful sexy shoot we had thought up. The venue was one of the hardest things to nail down but once I showed Ana the San Juan Resort we knew it was it. The management was great and helped us use the location as we pleased. I think everything came together amazingly well, and we got some amazing headbands by Carolina Rodriguez which just made the shoot come together so great. It gave it that fashionista edge we were looking for.

Marta-How was your experience working with Plus Size Model Ana Garcia?

Vanessa- Ana and I have worked together on several occasions, I love working with her because she has a spark, her personality shines through when she shoots. And she is so secure in herself and that is something I love when I shoot. I have joked with her telling her that she models beautiful with clothes, but when she is is in swimwear or lingerie she really shines, it's like she loves her body and she is not afraid to let it be seen and that is priceless.

4. What was your reaction when you received the news that your editorial would be in PMM Swimsuit Edition 2012?

It was so exciting! I was head over heels when Madeline told me she would feature it and when I found it would be for the Special Swimwear Issue that was the kicker, but honestly nothing could compare to actually seeing it in virtual print. When I saw my work inside the magazine I flipped, it was amazing and so emotional. Really just a great experience and I am so thankful to Madeline & her staff for letting me be a part of it.

 Marta- What is your opinion about  Curvy Women wearing swimwear?

Vanessa-Like I said in my quote: "We are all Goddesses" and curves ROCK! In the last decade so much has changed with the idea of body image and what looks good. Girls have though that they need to be a size 0 to look good and that is just so wrong. Some of the sexiest Icons in history weren't even close to that...look at Marilyn Monroe, she was a size 10-12 and she is known as one of the sexiest women ever. To me a girl with curves who wants to show off her skin is Sexy, Beautiful & Real.

Vanessa has another project this coming August and I have been invited to cover it for my blog, so exited about that!  I am so honored to call this amazing young lady my friend!!!!


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