Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Donatella Versace Does Not Want You Size 6 Heffas Wearing Versace......

Donatella Versace Time Shankbone 2010Image by david_shankbone via Flickr
Donatella Versace Does Not Want You Size 6 Heffas Wearing Versace | Dlisted:

Please look at the link above.

So we heard Donatella Versace doesn't want women who are bigger than a 4 wearing her clothing. i mean i really dont care but just couldn't believe she would say that.  Anywho i really do not like the clothing she makes its way overpriced.

 'This is so typical of 99.9 per cent of designers: they only want their clothes worn by the very young and the very thin.

'This is because the clothes are probably not cut well, not in great fabrics, have no corsetry or intricate draping. It takes a better designer with more skill to dress women who have a bit of shape.

Guess what H&M dropped her, doesn't that mean she is losing money?
Not like she needs it but oh well its not a loss for anymore.

What do you think about this? leave your comment below
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  1. wow its ok i dont like her stuff anway

  2. That is so messed up. Like the comment above, it's ok, I don't want/like/wear her stuff anyways. But it's stupid that neurotic ppl like her think there's nothing sexy about curvy women. I'm proud of how I look, I love the way I look, and if she's not making clothes my size... HAHA, no big loss for me! I'd still say BOYCOTT!

  3. Ladies Ladies Ladies... its not that she doesn't want big girls wearing her clothes period, she just didn't want the premier of the clothes to have big sized models. Why is this so disturbing to you? Have you ever seen any designer during Fashion Week in NY display their clothes on heavy women? Geesh people get over yourselves. If you're so called Big and Beautiful then that comment wouldn't have offended you. When you go to a fashion show you want it to be all about the clothes not a fat azz.

  4. Lol to the person above, hate much? You're what's wrong with America. You're prolly skinny and ugly as puddle of mud.

  5. As a big girl I don't wear her stuff and even if I was skinny I still wouldn't wear her stuff because it is over priced crap, kind of like Juicy Coture clothing line. Oh well she doesn't want a cetain body type wearing her clothing. It doesn't effect me in any way. As to the girl above saying fashion shows it about clothes and not a fat azz.... have you ever heard of FFF (Full figured Fashion Week) Yeah didn't think so. And to the person who responded to that persons comment REALLY? Two negative comments don't make a right. Stop hating on each other ut really isn't worth it.

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  7. To the the person who said we were all overreacting. if you read what i wrote its not about plus size women. why would we think its about us? she goes from a size 0-6.....We were just posting it so people can know. we are a blog about plus size women but also we share other things that are interesting. Thank you for your feedback and about the fashion week they do have plus size models. all the way to a size 16 :)

  8. Sorry, but as ugly as she is, she should have a better attitude! Anyway, thankfully shes not the only designer in the world. If making clothes to size 4 is her prerogative, so be it. She limits herself and income. So as far as the comment is concerned, who cares...