P.H.A.T stands for Pretty Hot And Thick, style comes in all shapes and sizes but it's confidence and love for who you are that makes you fierce and fabulous.  My goal is to promote a body positive image, starting with self awareness, then with your whole body wellness. While at the same time being fashionable on a budget.

Plus Size Model, stylist and motivational speaker I have been in the entertainment industry for several years. I started with Nancy Goddess at Cafee 44, I have appeared on several talk shows ( Rickey Lake, Geraldo Rivera, Mark Walberg, Tyra Bank Show, Maury Povich).

Also modeled for Goddess and Miss Anna Fashion in New York City. Co Hosted WEXY1040 Radio program on Wednesday for (two) 2 years in Florida. Was able to be on the same billboard as christian singer Michael English as their comedian for there event and have performed at other local area events.

I am a native New Yorker from Brooklyn,  went to Barbizon modeling school for two (2) years had to pay my own way that's why it took a while. Grow up learning about  theater at a very early age because of my mother, she was an actress and singer, and would take me along to all her auditions, rehearsal and even to her night classes.  It was fun going to the theater being backstage and learning all the in's and out's of being part of a play or event, as part of production and or being in the show.  I hope this blogs inspires all of you to be true to yourself and follow your dreams.