Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Looking Chic Even When The Heat Is On

Natasha F.
I was headed to the library and I saw these two young ladies with just the cutest outfits and even though it was just so incredibly hot they were both rocking their outfits. 

As you can see Natasha has a very pretty outfit on, the blue sleeveless blouse with small ruffles in the front and the two tone blue colors just make her glow and her crop jeans just add an even more chic look.  Natasha informed me she got the whole look at  Rainbow at a very reasonable price and lets not for get her very adorable flats with the flower just is a must have.

Here we also have Natalie F. who is wearing this beautiful earth tone romper with the awesome design that doesn't make the outfit look busy and makes her stand out in a crowd. And she also informed me that she obtained her outfit at Rainbows looks like I'm going to be visiting Rainbow real soon with.
Natalie F


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