Saturday, July 21, 2012

14 Tips To Help Solve Some Embarrassing Beauty Disasters

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Here are just a couple of tips and items you may wont to have in your bag and at home and some tips to help with some of the day to day beauty mishaps we all have once in a while.

1. Tweezers: For that hair that may come out of no were on your face and you didn't noticed it until you were at out with some friends, I speak from experience that one chin hair that is longer than your own hair yikes. Or that one eyebrow that looks like your asking a question got to fix that quick.

2. Small packets of nail polish remover: The moment you noticed that one of your nails the polish has come off and you don't have the polish with you,its great to have around just to do a quick clean up.

3. Clear nail polish: Just to give a quick touch up on your nails and also you can use this to stop a tear in your pantyhose.

4. Nail file: This is always good to have around to file any chipped nails, chipped nails can snag on clothing, and  ruin it.

5. Sunscreen for Lips: This is always good to have get a lipstick that has an SPF, there are a number of good lip balms and glosses that provide sun protection.

6. Blush: Carry your favorite blush with you to do a quick pick me up at anytime of the day.

7. Concealer: If you have dark circles, pimples,and  blemishes have a compact concealer to mask some minor imperfections. Especially during the summer as during the day some may come off.

Here is a list of some quick fixes

8. Smudged eyeliner: With the hot weather eyeliner can smear and give that smokey eye look that is not flattering. You can purchase waterproof eyeliner in this part you would have to see which one you would like as there are many to choose from. Also you can purchase a pack of makeup remover sheets or makeup pads to have in your purse to fix the eyeliner if it is already smudge, and if at home you can use a Q-tip and dab a bit of eye-makeup remover on and just lightly dab were the smudge is.

9. Runny Mascara:  Best way to avoid runny mascara is to purchase a waterproof one you may think its not worth it but it is, plenty of times I have rubbed my eyes because of allergies (P.S its not good to rub your eyes)  and when I look my mascara is all over the place. You can use cotton swab with eye-makeup remover to remove any mascara. Remember that mascara only has a shelf  life of  3 to 4 months and is the shortest life span of all the beauty products. Using expired mascara can cause infection because it gathers bacteria so be very careful.

10. Moisturizer your lips: Before putting on your lip liner I learned this from a M.A.C makeup artist, do this before putting on any makeup to treat the lips that way when you put on the lip liner it will much smoother and glide on the lips.

11. Toothpaste as acne medication: Yes toothpaste but only the plain one this one is low on fluoride, use only in an emergency situation. Was your face with a mild soap rinse and pat dry and just put a dab of toothpaste on the pimple my morning this should have dried up and I do say it should have and this should be used only in an emergency situation. This home remedy is not for everyone. People with dry or sensitive skin should stay away from this quick fix because it could dry them out too much.

12. Dark underarms:  You can use a potato, yes a potato has natural bleaching properties and it can really help to get rid of dark underarms. Just grate a potato and apply the juice to the dark skin and wash it away after 15 minutes.

You can also scrub the underarm area once a week with a gentle exfoliating product, like baking soda which is every economical please make sure that before using any home remedy you are not allergic. You can also purchase a deodorant by Dove, it's Clear Tone Skin Renew Deodorant it provides order protection and  wetness it also helps reduces dark marks and even tone the skin with regular use

13. Sunscreen: Make sure to purchase lotions that have sunscreen and were it always when going out, even on an overcast day you should always were sunscreen. Always put sunscreen on your hands and neck don't overlook these areas.

14. Garlic in clear nail polish:  I learned this from my grandmother she told me to take one clove of garlic and put it in clear nail polish and just polish my nails with this treatment to make them actually start strengthen your nails.

Do you have any tips to help solve some embarrassing beauty disaster? Please share 


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