Monday, August 13, 2012

Five (5) End Of Summer Must Haves

Swak sealed with a kiss designs has dozens beautiful dresses and one of them is Seville Cocktail Dress its a colorful dress that stands out in a crowd and is just stunning and can be worn in the Autumn with a shawl or a cropped jacket color of your choosing. 
This summer I discovered naturally flavored water not just the one you buy already made but the one you can make at home, this can be done all year round and be very cost effective I found a couple of great recipes from The yummy life and they are all great tasting.
The Yummy Life

Lets not forget the head scarf that is making a very strong comeback as you can do this in so many ways my favorite is from Keiko Lynn she has a great step by step on how to do a simple but yet very trendy head scarf.  Below is also a video you can see how one is done but there are so many others you may like.
Keiko Lynn Head Scarf

We have all seen the new trend of having your hair colored a different color towards the ends there are a couple of ways you can do this. One is permanent color, chalking with soft pastel chalk or Donna Bella hair chalking which is 100% temporary and it wares off after washing and or just fades. You can also visit Seventeen magazine to read how to chalk your hair or you can see the video below.

  This T-strap sandal is so beautiful a great buy for the summer and can still be worn in the Autumn with an over the knee soak, you can get more details on this shoe at Steve Madden.
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