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Jamie Oliver calls for global action to tackle obesity | Life and style | The Observer

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OMG Jaime really, what the heck was going through your mind when you this:
  "Celebrity chef Jamie Oliver has compared the obesity 'epidemic' to the Aids crisis." Dang that is so wrong on so many levels Jaime not cool.  I understand that you are promoting a change in eating habits and sharing with us some alternatives in food choices this is awesome. But you have to see the big picture here how come so many people are obese? It has to do a lot with a lot of more people out of work and a lot of families living a very  tight budget.

 Jaime did state that "the availability of cheap, high-calorie convenience foods" this at times maybe the only food some can afford and dont get me wrong I am supporter Jaime's quest on changing some of our eating habits and what Jamie has done by going to the schools and showing what changes one can do in the school system. But there is some things that one must think before being said. I will still be one of your supporters when it comes to the government making changes as you stated: 

With our western-style diets, our biggest problems are a direct result of what the experts call 'bad feeding' – which basically means eating a load of rubbish, highly processed food that's jammed full of salt, fats, sugars, additives, and cheap processed meats," Oliver said. "Governments around the world like it when food is cheap and shops are full, but they're achieving this by allowing big businesses to pump out this sort of food and drink in mass volumes."

I see this a lot at food banks when a family comes in to get food and what I have is not the healthiest but I know that they will have some food for the week and we appreciate all the donations we get but we dont get a great deal of fruits and vegetables because of storage and the longevity of the food.

But at this time Jaime all I can say or do is SMH This is not a bashing of Jaime Oliver I feel he is doing a great job and I know that at times we must get attention to a really important cause and this time you may have gotten the wrong kind.

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Jamie Oliver calls for global action to tackle obesity | Life and style | The Observer:

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