Saturday, September 3, 2011

Fashion Jewelry Plus

OMG I walked into this store and I was floored, when I saw all of this costume jewelry at (Fashion Jewelry Nail &Barber Supply) that's there name. I was in paradise so much to look at and they are all so affordable .99 cents for more than half of the jewelry there plus.

 As you can see they have rows upon rows of costume jewelry and at .99 or even 1.99 you cant go wrong, and yes they do carry more elaborate costume jewelry and those prices vary but still they are so affordable.
 They carry cute little bags that run at about $5.00 dollars and the are so adorable
 What I love about this place they have so much and anyone on a budget can still look fabulous
My friend has been telling me about this place and I was like nah maybe one day I will go, I was so not interested until I walked in and BAM that was it I was sold.

They are located at 200A S.Sate Road-7, Hollywood, Fl. 
And there number is 954-272-9111

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