Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Big Sexy Show Lets show support

Just saw Big Sexy it is an awesome show the ladies are wonderful and they have a lot of courage in sharing their lives with all of us, not a lot of people can do this.The fact that they are doing this I take my hat off to them and applaud them for taking this big step in a society that has already made their mind up on the plus size women.

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Please lets all be supportive as the journey these ladies starts on what will be a very bumpy road ahead of them as they expose themselves to the world, their hurts, concerns, worries and they will be judged harshly which is one of the draw backs of reality TV.  There is another side to this wonderful journey which is all the women and young girls they will be reaching out to and inspiring by sharing their lives with the public.

But just one thing concerned me was what happened at Goddess,  I personally know Nancy Goddess she is a very good friend and not being bias and to some I maybe and that's ok. She has been an inspiration to me since she was the first person to show me that BBW's are beautiful and that we have a voice and to never be ashamed of who I am. And I know that things happen that are out of our hands at times and their is no one to blame and no need to point fingers.

Anyone who has worked in TV (reality TV) knows that sometimes things are taken out of context a lot of my friends in this industry have shared their stories with me and how it has hurt them dearly when they are shown in a light that is not so. Nancy is a wonderful individual & her club has opened many doors for a lot of BBW's, Plus size models and designers. Anyone who has gone to any kind of club knows that you have your crazies, your hungry eyes, players and those who prey on the ladies that have low self esteem, and you will have your everyday folks who just want to have fun enjoy the atmosphere.

And at times things will get out of hand and it looks like this happened, the evening that the ladies were their so sorry for their experience at the club and but this is the frustration that is felt at other BBW clubs, just please note that the things we say can hurt others.  But note that when their is a TV crew in the midst "oh no" you are asking for the outrageous, uncontrollable individuals  will come with no shame in their game, they will come out in full force and this is what happened.

Lets show our love and support to the ladies of the show they have put themselves out their, remember this is real life and its not perfect.

So please don't be to harsh on Goddess since they have been a very positive place for BBW's and their admires:  Please read below on how  Goddess started:

How is a Goddess born? For Nancy it all began with a fertile imagination. The desire to see herself and others like her having a night out socializing in an environment supportive and yes “adoring” of their larger rounder figures. A place for men with a preference for their unique beauty to meet and enjoy each other.

That has been since 1984. The first gatherings were small Thursday evening affairs in a local Queens Restaurant/Bar. A D.J. and a room full of the socially starved, gave birth to what was soon to become the largest network of parties and social events catering to large size people and their admirers in the metropolitan area. Saturday night parties always have a full house of people to meet, mingle, dance and even fall in love, if not with each other certainly with the Goddess who started it all. Parties often feature themes not unlike those in mainstream clubs, holiday events, fashion shows, contests and belly dancers. We are currently Having events in Manhattan on Saturdays, and we are always looking for new locations for other nights.

Goddesses is a family organization with Nancy’s eldest son Joey Walters managing special events and a website.
Nancy has made many appearances on various talk shows promoting size acceptance. Her own cable show is seen on Wednesday evening at 10:30 PM on Queens Channel 35, and now in all NYC’s Boroughs. Issues explored include fashion, music and health.

Known internationally Nancy’s popularity extends as far as Cavour, Italy where she was named Miss Mondo Grassona ‘96 in The International Big Persons Meeting. The Italians know beauty when they see it! She and Goddesses have been featured in such publications as New York Magazine, New York Times, London Times, Daily News, News Day, Belle Magazine, Womans World, Marie Claire and more.
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