Thursday, September 15, 2011

Bring back the "Big Sexy" Show

Big Sexy came on the air and just blow us away with these beautiful young ladies sharing their lives with all of us. And as we all watched with anticipation to there next move in their careers and just there day to day life, and how they would handle some of the bumps and curves some of us started to see a little but of ourselves in them.

But we are all on our seats to hear when the next show will air, as only three (3) shows were aired and we all want more of Big Sexy.

We want to see how these ladies live their lives being beautiful plus size women in a society that says they are all the wrong size. And actually seeing how they handle some of the obstacles that come there way being in the fashion industry that considers plus size to be a size eight (8).

A lot of us can relate to their third (3) show were they were heckled by an idiot ( there are no other words to describe him) any time someone needs to make fun of someone because of size, color, race or sexual orientation is an idiot. And these ladies handled it with class and did not even give him the time of day, which was awesome 

"Way to go ladies you are all awesome"

"We all wait with anticipation to the great news that Big Sexy will be back"
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