Sunday, August 18, 2013

End Of Summer Bargins

End of summer is approaching and the kids are getting ready to go back to school, some may not be excited  to go back to school but a lot of us are and the same for us. will miss the kids. In the mean while we rush around getting everyone ready lets not over look those great summer blowouts some clothing department stores are having of their summer clothing. 

 A lot of the stores are getting rid of the summer clothing and other items this is were you can really make a killing and get some great sales. But not only are the department stores having summer blowouts but also online you will see some really great sales. With just a little foot work and reading your local papers you can keep .

 Target has some really good online sales on some of their denim with buy one get 50% off second pair for the entire family.

Kohls has a very good clearance section online you can look to see some items you can get for yourself and family and even some good friends.

Some of their times maybe be a bit random that you may not need but some of them can be gifts for the holidays or an upcoming birthday,but just keep looking through the pages you will surly find a good deal.
Their are many more great deals online that you can find it just takes some time but you will find even better deals and once again looking in your Sunday papers will lead you to even more money saving deals. BH cosmetics has several great deals on makeup. They have a great deal on their natural glow palette  28 Color Neutral Palette, BH San Francisco Palette,Jumbo Concealer Pencil $15.00

Here is their Sparkle Steal collection which brings 88 Cool Shimmer Palette 88 Shimmer Palette, Loose Glitter $20.00
And this is their Lovely Lips sales 66 Color Lip Palette BH Lip Gloss, Lip Brush $11.00

Also going onto Brads deals were they have some handpicked deals you can pick and choose from, as well as signing up and get updates via email from them of the new sales they have. There are many places one can get some great deals it just takes some time and asking friends if they have any recommendations and once again looking at your local papers.



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