Sunday, August 18, 2013

Upcoming Fall Looks With Swak

This is such a beautiful cotton gauze tank from Swak with a crocheted floral neckline this give this tank an even more detailed beautiful look and they have them in purple, white and of course my favorite black. With these tanks you can make so many different outfits, you can dress each of these tanks up for any evening out or for a casual evening out with some friends. 

Swak has a great section where you can shop the outfit, which I personally say is a great idea,here are just a couple of the beautiful selections. This is a great looking outfit color of pop comfy.

This is such a beautiful layered look and it really gives the curvy figure such flare with  this super soft Sophia Cardigan over the very flowy Juliet Dress,and with the added Santa Fe double buckle belt this creates such a flattering waist cinched look. Visit SWAK to see their entire shop by outfit collection.


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