Friday, July 12, 2013

They Grow Up So Fast So Treasure The Moments

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I sometimes find myself looking at pictures of when my children were much younger and you can just see how my face lights up and I can't help but shake my head at the same time, because of how scared I was when I first brought my first born home (my daughter). I remember bringing my daughter home from the hospital with all her baby clothing her special blanket that was hand made for her and her very tiny pampers, I never knew they made them that small since my daughter was a premature, she was born 2 months early.

I was blessed to have my aunt their to help me as I recall telling her how scared I was just even giving her a bath because of the umbilical cord, I was afraid I would hurt her. My aunt made sure to reassure me that all would be fine and that should would help me for a couple of months or as long as I needed, and I have to be honest I needed her for a long time.

Taking care of a baby is a very rewarding but hard job for anyone at any age, even though I was a very young mom having children has been a blessing to me and would not change anything in the world. Yes I was very nervous taking care of my daughter, every-time she cried I wanted to make sure she wasn't ill or anything was wrong. What I remember is when giving her a bath at one (1) month old she would sleep through bath time and would just be so relaxed it was just to cute, she would open her eyes once I started toweling her dry and she did this until she was 5 months old.

I have to be honest I actually have one of her baby pampers as a memento as well as her brothers as a keep sake of when they were both babies.

Once I had my son, my aunt was still with me and being such a blessing helping me with both of my children and  it was a bit easier but still hard work and everyday it was an adventure with both of them. My son would always have a smile on his face and always eager to learn new things and garbing everything and just a firecracker at a very young age. He would always try to make us laugh he would but on different hats he would find in the closet and just smile and you could just see him egging us on to pick him up and dance with him, he loved that so much.

Time does fly when you look back you will see how your children are now young adults and starting their own lives, and all you can do is remember how once you held them in your arms and they were so tiny and all the games you played with them, teaching them how to walk, speak, eat even tie their laces. These are the things we will remember as time moves on the little things are the most important things as our time with our once babies tend to run out and they set out on their own adventures and families. The greatest of gifts in this world is being a parent

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