Saturday, May 11, 2013

Move over bowties, let me introduce you to the "Tarf"

There is a big craze with bow-ties making a fierce comeback and everyone has noticed how stylish they are  you will see men and women rocking the bow-tie and just bringing new life to what once was considered out of date. 

There is a new kind of bow-tie on the scene made by designer Steven Smith called the Tarf and it is all the rage. It's a hybrid of a bow-tie and a scarf  it's a wonderful mesh of both worlds, it's a one of a kind design by and it is just stunning men and women can rock this Tarf anywhere.

Below is a first peek to some of  designer Steven Smith creations, and you can bet to see more of this Tarf.
 This entire outfit is well put together but with the added flare of the emerald mix color Tarf it has taken the entire look to a whole different level of elegance.

This multi-colored Tarf is just amazing and you can just imagine wearing this Tarf with so many different outfits and making a statement each time .

Steven Smith's entire outfit was just a smash hit, looking incredible from head to toe and his Tarf (Bow-tie)
is just amazing with all the colors and making such a grand statement.

Here you see the Tarf making a special appearance with this classy OOTD ( Outfit Of The day) worn by the designer himself Steven Smith.

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