Monday, October 29, 2012

Trending Outfits for fall 2012 Part 2

This is not my grandmother's tweed, tweed is back in for 2012 and looking even better with the different styles for this fall, you have DKNYC a mix of faux leather with tweed and the jacket looks fabulous and the Kenneth Cole Shearth dress is stunning. 

Burgundy is such a deep rich color for fall the City Chic Spliced Ponte dress looks amazing and because of the cut of the dress it is flattering for the curvy figure and Seychelles Fever Pitch Bootie is a fabulous look for this fall.

Here are a couple of faux items that look pretty cool, the pleated faux leather skirt is one of them plus the other items would look great with several different items from your wardrobe.



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