Monday, October 29, 2012

The Models of LS 1426 Inc. Getting Ready 2 Rock

The fabulous models of 1426 share with us once again their lovely outfits as they get ready for 1426 Fashion  week in Miami November 8th - November 11th, and some of their awesome shoes for this fall.

Alexis, Kristi, Michelle and Alysha all looking fabulous doing rehearsal and rocking the runway in their fabulous outfits each one making a bold statement.

Joe and DeMarcus Some of the male models for 1426 Fashion week in Miami

Sirena has these lovely orange wedges, she paired it with stoned washed denim jeans and looked fabulous
Alice Coke
Alice Coke wore these beautiful  front multicolor boots with purple jeans and she rocked the house.
Julienne has these lovey open toe aqua platform shoes that you can wear to any party and she added even more to the look by adding an ankle bracelet.
Melanie were the shoes above and they are just so beautiful the vibrant blue is a great fall color and you can dress it up with any kind of shoe pin to make even a bolder statement.

Here is some information for 1426 Fashion Week

See you in November! 8th- 11th 2012 at Marriott Miami Biscayne Bay.
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