Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Upcoming Fall Fashion
The summer isn't over yet and here we are speaking about this fall's trends. It's never to early to get ready to rock your outfits and you may already have some of the new fall trends in your closet. If you loved color blocking this summer guess what, this trend is going straight through to the fall and you will love the fall colors.
You will not believe this but dickey's are making a comeback. You may have seen them in the summer as some designers bejeweled them and gave them new life. If you don't know what a dickey it is alternately written as dickie or dicky sometimes known as a tuxedo front or tux front. It's a type of false shirt front originally known as a detachable bosom - like the detachable collar (definition given by Wikipedia)

Here are some of this fall's colors: 

  • Honey Gold 
  • Black & Winter White 
  • Burgundy its now the new black 
  • Pink/ Rose Smoke 
  • Titanium/ Plus many shades of gray 
  • French Roast / Brown 
  • Orange / Tangerine 
  • Dark Rich Blues 
  • Taupe 

Now lets take a look at some of the trends that are just sensational:
Bohemian prints are making a very strong come back, they flatter all body types and the colors are deep and rich for the fall. Knee high boots are my favorite and they are great for keeping you warm and stylish this winter. Coloring blocking will be so spectacular with the fall colors. Dickeys are making a comeback and they are so versatile they can go from simple chic to glam. Plaid, yes plaid, is also in for the fall and its actually very popular. Burgundy is now the new black and will be just fabulous around the holidays.

This fall's trends look to be one of the best with colors and the use of so many different patterns. Don't be afraid to show your inner fashionista.

To download the Fall 2012 Fashion Color Report click on the link Pantone / Fashion + Home

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