Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Pluzz Boutique in San Juan

I found this beautiful boutique in Puerto Rico, it is called Pluzz Boutique, located at 501 Ave. Andalucia Pto. Nuevo, San Juan.The boutique oficially opened it's doors this month and they have beautiful clothes and accessories for Curvy Ladies. 

What caught my eye is that they are having a contest looking for the image of the store, the lucky model will attend all the promotions and events representing the store.I was talking to Melissa Duran, the owner the other day, a very charming lady, and she is so exited about this, the girls are given self-esteem workshops among many other things.
Some of the models in the contest

Her main goal is that her clients find the right clothes and that they be exclusive for them. She gives her clients the royal treatment and takes pride in this. Soon she will be adding some regular lines for other clients among them Kids Plus and Kids Regular clothes.

We are talking about doing a project together, I'm so exited about that!! I will be blogging about the contest soon and the winner. Good Luck Melissa, keep up the great work you are doing for our Curvy Ladies in Puerto Rico.

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