Thursday, June 21, 2012

School Bus Monitor Bullied Karen Huff Klein

The world saw how School bus monitor Karen Huff Klein, 68 was being bullied by several middle school students on the bus, they were cruel and offensive to her even said that if they would stab her with a knife that it would go through her like butter and to stop crying and put back her glasses because she looks like a troll.

This is a real WTF moment, these kids were unbelievably viscous with their taunts but what makes it even worse, this is not the first time they have done this. They have at least two (2)  videos of her being bullied, there maybe only these two that were upload to youtube but how many times have they done this to her? While we all look on at the video we see that she keeps her composure as tears just roll down her face and she wipes them away.

And the video has gone viral, what makes me smile about the whole thing is that the out pour of support for Karen Huff Klein has been wonderful. And the numerous videos in support have been amazing and at the same time these videos share how anger they are that these kids bullied Karen (remember she is 68 what happened to respecting your elders). The kids have been identified and their facebook's which is really scary since now their lives can be in danger and the officials have asked everyone not to get involved nor to harm them in anyway. (Please don't hurt any of the kids involved in the bullying, the officials will handle the matter)

There has even been a page made for Karen Huff Klein to help send her on vacation they wanted to raise $5,000.00 and they have actually raised more than they imagined.  And there has been an out pour of support also on Twitter with the hash tag #teamKarean. There is a bigger problem here is that no matter what age you are or body size bullying is wrong and we have to teach our kids this and to be respectful to everyone.

Karen you rock and are a superstar in my eyes and are loved by many.

Here is the link to show support to Karen:
Lets give Karen Huff Klien A Vacation

This is one of the videos in support of Karen Huff Klein, please be advised that some crude words but the message is very cruel of disgust towards the bullying.



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