Friday, June 15, 2012

Pa'lante Con Cristina / Flaquitos vs. gorditos / Telemundo/Skinny people vs Fat people

I was on the show Pa'lante Con Cristina on Telemundo April 2012 and the topic for this show was called Flaqutios vs. Gorditos, which means skinny people vs fat people and it was really a lot of fun taping. But as usually the waiting to go on for the segment takes a while, on the other hand playing the waiting game is a great way to meet all the amazing people who will be on the show with you. Depending on the topic of the show this determines if anyone will be on speaking terms afterwards (Big smile) no worries we always do.
It was a great experience being on the show and because of the topic you can just imagine how heated this show was and the back and forth that was going on was just a mad house. All the oh no she didn't say that and oh no they didn't just go there, it was just to wild. Yes we were asked to be a little risky with our clothing to show that big girls can be sexy and yes we are. I always say no matter what size you are don't get sexy and looking like a slut confused.

Still it was a really crazy time and exciting the exchange between the audience and the panel was getting pretty freaky nasty it was a brawl of wit.
This was expected and everyone on the panel was awesome with their responses brought the house down. Some of the ladies did splits and dropped it likes it 's hot. They showed that having a bigger frame doesn't stop you from being sexy nor having a love life. Only we can stop ourselves from obtaining happiness by thinking because we are fat no one will love us and we wont be able to reach our goals in life.

Now that is one big fat lie, being fat doesn't stop you from being loved, we do that by not loving who we are first, learn to love who you are first. Everything else will fall into place, we project how we feel about ourselves in our actions and how we carry ourselves, so hold your head up high let there be no shame in being comfortable in your own skin lets strive to be healthy.


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