Wednesday, February 1, 2012

I Stand

The I Stand campaign is an exciting movement to be a part of started by Marily Wann  is a fat rights activist and is the writer for the  print 'zine called FAT!SO? And then wrote the FAT!SO book.  And has also been part of successful lobbying that resulted in San Francisco adding height and weight to its anti-discrimination laws in 2000.Marilyn Wann has also launched an online campaign to end weight bigotry, promoting the achievement of Health At Every Size.  I am so glad to be part of this movement, this movement has brought more light to the shameful ads  that were put all over Georgia.
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The I Stand movement is raising money to put place body image positive billboards through out Atlanta to promote acceptance of people of all shapes and sizes and against bullying and stigmatizing based on body size. Since Georgia is running shockingly mean billboards and TV commercials about fat kids. The goal of the "Stop Sugarcoating It, Georgia" message is to startle people into recognizing that obesity is a problem. And I understand that the issue is complex but the way it is going about to spread a message is just plain horrific there are so many other ways to share the message of getting healthy.

A lot of us may have been fat kids and know how it was to be bullied and even have low self esteem, but to have billboards that say such hurtful things is just giving more fuel to the people who bully the plus size community and I say to this it blows big time and their is always a better way to send a message about getting healthy.

And I Stand with so many others that say enough is enough.

To get more info on The I Stand movement please visit:

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