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Fantasy Feeding

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We have all seen women wants to be the fattest in the world or even when we have type in BBW you may have come across a site saying fantasy feeder, or The weight room etc or even a guide on how to gain weight and seen the beautiful pictures of some of the ladies and been very curious to see.

There are many websites and groups that are dedicated to gaining weight, there are forums, stories, videos and  photos that show revealing bellies with short blouse's that don't cover to make sure that the belly is being shown. And large breast popping out of their bras as their is food laying on their chest. They also share their before  pictures and the progress of thier weight gain in a very sexual manner.

They have a lot of men on these sites as the women provide a fantasy and a service that they get paid for. And don't think that this is only a BBW thing but also men have site's on gaining weight and have a great following and are doing the same thing. But why such a big focus on the women that are gaining when their are sites were men are doing the same and both run the same health risk. They bring more of the attention to the women when it affects both sexes not one more then the other.

Intentional weight gain has its risk from a financial standpoint, It does cost a lot of money to not only provide food but also clothes, doctors visits, prescriptions, as you can see there are many financial factors involved.
As your body cannot do this forever, gaining weight is not something you can do forever due to many different aspects. One of which is the most important your health, one must consider possible loss of mobility, joint pain, or internal organ damage just to name a few examples. Your health should always come first, If and when your health is becoming compromised due to your intentional weight gain then it is time to re-evaluate the lifestyle choices. However, there are some extremists who choose not to stop gaining . But for the majority of there does come a time to stop.  Whether you are stopping by choice or by force due to health problems or even life’s problems, it is a hard choice to make since some have their fiances involved because of videos or pictures that provide funds by their sales.

Some of us are not comfortable with the weight, to do anything in life you have to be comfortable with who you are at the present time of your life, when this happens if your goal is to lose weight it will be much easier to do, why because you love who you are as a person. I have seen a lot of my friends that have gotten stomach surgery to lose weight and once this has been done they find out that they lose the weight and are still not happy.

Why because the problem was not the weight it was something so much deeper that one must see that it starts within oneself. So start your day loving who you are know this time in life that you are wonderful that every inch of you is amazing that your weight doesn't describe who you are you are. You should love yourself first and if your goal is to lose weight do it for you.

Fat fetishism is the strong or exclusive sexual attraction to overweight or obese people. As well as traditional attraction, the topic also incorporates feederism and gaining, where sexual gratification is obtained via the process of gaining body fat. Fat fetishism also incorporates stuffing and padding, whereas the focus of arousal is on the sensations and properties of a real or simulated gain.

Gaining refers to the relationship between gainers and encouragers, where one or both members engage in activities designed to promote the gaining of body fat. Often considered synonymous with feederism, the term is used more primarily in the gay male nomenclature, but is not exclusive to gay males in practice. Categorically, gaining differs from feeding in the way weight gain is approached. For some, gaining focuses on being encouraged, while for others gaining is done individually - sometimes both.

Feederism describes sexual relationships where both members obtain gratification from the gaining of body fat. Feederism refers to the acts of feeding, encouraging eating, or being served large quantities of food. Sexual pleasure is derived from the act of eating itself, and/or from the process of becoming fatter. Pleasure may be derived from specific changes to specific areas of the body.

The National Association to Advance Fat Acceptance specifically condemns feederism, claiming that the practice typically involves coercing a person to become larger. NAAFA compares this to the practice of coercing a person to become thinner and instead focuses on acceptance.

Here are some terms that are used in the community of weight gaining:

Bloater: A person who fantasizes about bloating or stuffing, or enjoys the sensation of bloating of stuffing for sexual pleasure.
Inflater: A person who fantasizes about inflation, or enjoys the sensation of inflation for sexual pleasure.
Padder: A person who derives pleasure from padding or layering clothing, or enjoys the apparent sensation of a simulated increase in size.
Gainer: A person who gains weight for sexual pleasure.
Encourager: A person who derives pleasure from encouraging or persuading a gainer to become fatter.
Maintainer: A person who is overweight and strives to remain so.
Feedee: A person who derives pleasure from being fed.
Feeder: A person who derives pleasure from feeding another person.
Foodee: A person who fantasizes about eating, or enjoys eating for sexual pleasure.

To read a more detailed interview from a feeders point of view visit the link below
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