Monday, January 9, 2012

Teal Colored Print Blouse

 Some of us maybe scared to were print shirts and you shouldn't be anymore. Here I am wearing a teal printed shirt that is not to busy, and the prints are spread around the shirt this helps in keeping it tone down.

I like this shirt because it hugs right under the breast and it  flares into a little bubble without making me bigger and actually showing off my curves. I decide to use a black camisole bring out the colors more of the blouse since it is the focus of the whole outfit.

I wear blue-black jeans by Lane Bryant flared at the bottom which I like personally because they give more room to wide hips you can of course use black slacks or jeans.

The shoes are black closed toes with a strap and a small wedge which is extremely comfortable ( especially if you will be walking a lot). You can always wear heals with an outfit like this since the jeans are long they will look fabulous.

I kept the makeup light I used BH Cosmetics Palette 1, and Alice in Wonderland and used most of the teal colors for the eyelid and mixed in some light browns and a cream highlight for the eyebrows.

For the lips I used Buxom lips from Bare minerals and kept the cheek colors light with just a hint of shimmer and bronzer and a teal lily in my hair. Dont be afraid to be noticed go ahead and wear your prints.

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