Saturday, January 7, 2012

Brown Prints (Plus Size OOTD)

I love this outfit because it is comfortable and looks great, the blouse is from J.Jill and the jeans are from Lane Bryant the style is flared and it is from there Venezia collection and they go up to a 26/28 but they have them numbered differently like 6,7, 8 which goes with the style they have.

The shoes I choose for this outfit are skechers in black with a strap in the front they have a small wedge but very comfortable if you plan to walk for a while, and they are breathable becasue they have partial netting in the front and sides.

And as you can see the shirt is at my waist which I love that it covers up my belly (dunlap lol) and it makes it look very neat. The blouse is like a ponacho and I like how this cut gives my arms room to move(Don't know the actually name for the cut ). And the print is not to busy, yes there is a lot going on there but if you get a solid color behind it you bring the attention to the shirt and it is not an overload.
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