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Marie Clarie Writer Hates Fat People!

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Marie Clarie Writer Hates Fat People!

This was the most disgusting and hateful article I have ever seen! (I know there are other articles that are even worse on other subjects) And I cannot believe that it has been left up and not taken down by the Editors of Marie Clarie Magazine.
The Writer ""Maura Kelly"" was Quoted as saying from her Article Online:
As Quoted by Maura Kelly:

"""So anyway, yes, I think I'd be grossed out if I had to watch two characters with rolls and rolls of fat kissing each other ... because I'd be grossed out if I had to watch them doing anything. To be brutally honest, even in real life, I find it aesthetically displeasing to watch a very, very fat person simply walk across a room""""

OMG! In this day an age this hateful and despicable form of hate should not be tolerated,I was Offended by this article as many others were, that are plus size and who are not over weight were offended as well. As you can see in the comments posted on the post Maura Kelly posted.

To add insult to ingury Miss Maura Kelly States her Own Battle with an Eating Disorders and goes to state:

(I'm happy to give you some nutrition and fitness suggestions if you need them — but long story short, eat more fresh and unprocessed foods, read labels and avoid foods with any kind of processed sweetener in them whether it's cane sugar or high fructose corn syrup, increase the amount of fiber you're getting, get some kind of exercise for 30 minutes at least five times a week, and do everything you can to stand up more — even while using your computer — and walk more. I admit that there's plenty that makes slimming down tough, but YOU CAN DO IT! Trust me. It will take some time, but you'll also feel so good, physically and emotionally. A nutritionist or personal trainer will help — and if you can't afford one, visit your local YMCA for some advice.)

HOW DARE YOU!tear down at a community of people because of their weight and then try to justify yourself with such a weak apology! And still in her apology she tries to justify what she wrote!

The only thing she has done is bring more light to the discrimination that has been going on for a long time against the plus size community.this hateful article comes on the heels of Love your Body day that was just Celebrated in California this Weekend.on 10/23/2010..

I am not the only one that feels this way as you will see on the article all the people who have spoken out. i feel that Marie Claire should Apologize for this article to the plus size Community we do have the freedom of speech but it does not give anyone the right to pick on one group of people because they are different.!

And when you decided to pick on one group of people Get ready get ready get ready!! To hear their feedback!! This will hurt more Marie Claire than they think.! I feel very sorry for this Writer because I know what will happen in the end.....

There are so many plus sized actors, singers, subscribers and talented people everywhere who are so displeased with this. This is such an awful thing to write as there are so many young girls who think they should have a perfect body and are pressured to look perfect when no one has a perfect body image. Take a lesson from Dove and what they are doing, self image in this country is a real problem for everyone men, women and our children. This is a form of bulling and should not be tolerated yes we have a right to freedom of speech but when you cross the line as this writer did be very aware that you will reap what you sowed.

I find this to be so sad since Marie Clarie is thought of so highly.
Here is a link of their updated statment they are trying to fix it now:

And here is a link to Marie Claire Editor Apologizes for 'Mike & Molly' Attack Blog


Public opinion, a vulgar, impertinent, anonymous tyrant who deliberately makes life unpleasant for anyone who is not content to be the average man.

P.S did the writer forget that there may be some plus size individuals working at the same company YIKES I personally how Kelly's plump friends all get together and start making out right in front of her just because they can

All i can personally say as i always do.. HATERS MAKE US FAMOUS!! so thank you!

Here is a clip of The Tyraville Circus of weight and what some people think
you can see the rest of the show follow the link

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Please click the Picture abvoe to read the Full Article Maura Jelly Posted.

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  1. Hey Brazy... Lisa here from, big beautiful women claim your beauty... read your article and I agree with you... Marie Claire certainly owes it's public an apology... It is difficult to read such crap because it's just so stupid. This woman is saying something in an article that she would never say in the company of strangers; yet she is publishing her ridiculous opinion in an article for all to read.
    For me... I consider the source. It's Marie Claire not Scientific American, National Geographic, Time Magazine or even Vogue for that matter... Don't get me wrong her article is appalling...but I just don't give her that much credibility. I try to read stuff that inspires me so I try to avoid crap like Miss Maura's article.

    Best wishes, Lisa

  2. This is what I think. I have been overweight my entire life. I understand this kind of comment as someone who is incredibly AFRAID.. TERRIFIED of being overwheight.

    Clearly, it does not make it right for her to say these things but if we look at it that way we can better understand what is going on in her mind.

    This is all about her, her eating dissorder and her own feelings of inadequacy!

    I forgive this girl, whomever she is because I see that this is all about FEAR.. Her FEAR of fat.. For me, I need to accept myself the way that I am.

    Thanks for all the work you are doing to get rid of all the ignorance surrounding larger sized people.

    Beautiful people come in all shapes, sizes and colors...