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The word Gordita is a term used in the Latin community as an affectionate form of endearment used to describe an attractive, curvaceous woman.

Recently I went to see the short film "Gordita"at the International Film Festival and to be honest I did not know what to expect, would it be another I am a big girl and so what or would this be just another sad story of being overweight. And all I have to say is WOW this movie captured me from the beginning with the first clip of the movie,when you just see this image in the screen of the young lady grabbing at her belly and just feeling all around, not in a sexually way but in a way a lot of us can relate to, that is when it hits you. I call this the OMG factory when they ( The film) has put on the screen an issue/concern you may have hidden in your heart and asks that ultimate question so how do you really feel?

And at the same time this is going on with the young lady the music that they choose to use makes the moment more heart felt and brings you in to her world, it made me sit back and go ok whats going on here as my eyes widened and made me anticipate more of the film. Gordita surpassed what I expected and it involved me in its plot by touching a very heart felt issue that we all have to deal with as a society regardless of weight. It is about self worth, and it doesn't matter if you are over weight or under weight if you feel that you are worthless than that is were your issue really lies.

This film deals with many subjects:

1. Being a Plus-sized Latin women
2. Depression
3. Self-worth
4. Self-image
5. Confidence
6. Problem solving
7. Bullying
8. Family
9. Relationship

Anyone who knows me, knows that this is a very dear subject to me and how strongly I feel about plus size acceptance and self-worth in a society that states you have to be a size 0 in women and in men you have to look like Mr. Universe to have any real value and tells our young girls to reach an unrealistic body image and to

I have to say that this film shows you a very different look on being plus-size and being Latin and how an entire family is effected. And how they all come together to help Tatiana (Tatiana played by Talia Zapien)unknowingly in their own way to show her the true beauty of who she is.

My hat goes off to all who made this film, from casting of the actors who did an outstanding job and to the writer, directors,editing department, every single person I give a standing ovation. This film is very well put together. Gordita is a must see in my book share this with all you know pass it on to go see Gordita this short film is not only for the plus size community but it is for everyone because ti deals with self-worth/ self-image and loving who you are and living life and as i say rock it while you got it.

To see the trailer of the short film Gordita please visit there facebook page at:

Plot Outline:A young, plus size, Latina has lost her self worth, but reclaims it through the help of a cassette tape she recorded as a boisterous, booty-dancing teenager in 1994.

Talia Zapien,Gloria Sandoval,Carlos Ramirez, Jessica Martinez,Gaby Gutierrez,Raquel "Raq-C" Cordova, Stephanie Mendoza,Raini Rodriguez

Screenplay By:Debby Wolfe
Directed By:Debby Wolfe

Produced By:Rebecca Hamm, Maureen Morrison
Executive Produced by: Kaz Kipp

Awards:HBO NY Latino Int'l Film Festival, Official Selection
Boston Latino Int'l Film Festival, Official Selection
Black Maria Film + Video Festival, Stellar Narrative
San Diego Latino Film Festival, Official Selection
Film Independent Project Involve Showcase, Official Selection
Mexico Int'l Film Festival, Bronze Palm Award
NAAFA Convention in San Francisco
UrbanWorld, Official Selection
Downtown LA Film Fest, Best American-Latino Film
Bend Film Festival, Official Selection
Fort Lauderdale Int'l Film Festival, Official Selection
La Femme Film Festival, Official Selection

I was all gaga for "Gordita" so tongue tied thats a good thing!

Gordita the Short Film: The Review

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