Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Chile Miners Courage And Strength

OMG Desmond is coordinating the rescue effort!...Image by Sultancillo via Flickr

When we all first heard of the miners we all feared the worst this that there would be no survivors in further investigation at first feared to be one of the many tragedies we have become so sad to say but accustomed to

Chile Miners showed courage and strength in a time were they had no hope but to trust each other and there rescuers that all would be fine and they would be rescued. There will was tested there faith and there courage was put to the ultimate test. As they had to deal with waiting for death even though they were told they would be rescued and how long it would take, this would be a a very tough trial for anyone. "This is what some may say a modern day miracle"

Thomas Paine:
I love the man that can smile in trouble, that can gather strength from distress, and grow brave by reflection.

These men what courage they should the entire world, this all started on August 5 and Chilean rescue teams came into action and they spent the next 17 days probing down from the desert above to find out if the men were dead or alive. They were cut off from the outside world but the miners never lost track of time. They had with them there cell phones and were able to keep track of time and each other to give each other hope.

The world watched in anticipation as each of the miners came up to the surface, and to see the faces of the miners as they saw the crowds cheer and clap to see them and as each miners families and friends would come to them ad hold them tight we all shed a tear of joy. At this time the miners could see that the world were united as one in prayer for them all. Here is when a lot of us were able to start breathing as one by one came up and we saw how they hugged, kissed there family members and cried in each others arms and thanked God for there rescue.

We thank the rescuers for there diligence and there tireless effort to expiate there rescue and for all others who were and are a part of the miners complete healing process from this experience.

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