Thursday, August 26, 2010

Beth Ditto Outstanding Beauty And Artist

Ditto on the premiere cover of London's Love M...Image via Wikipedia

What can we say about Beth Ditto she goes to her own beat and we love her for it, outspoken about her sexuality and makes no excuses for her style even though she has been D-listed. And she still keeps going on no matter what they say about her style of makeup and her performances on stage. You can ask all her fans they just love Beth Ditto and cant get enough of her. She is plus size sex kitten and she lets the world know this, talk about positive self imagine a lot of us can take a lesson from this extraordinary young lady and live without fear of what the world will and just live your life and enjoy every moment.
Beth Ditto performing at London Barfly, 16 May...Image via Wikipedia

On the above picture is the premiere cover of London's Love Magazine. She has been an outspoken advocate for large women being body-positive and has been regularly photographed as an editorial model. Born February 19, 1981 a native of Searcy, Arkansas, US and Ditto is known for her noticeable

stage dances and her unique and revealing image. Also Ditto also formerly contributed an advice column on body image to The Guardian newspaper. She is truly a brilliant women with her music she even has her own clothes line you can visit at the link below. Our hats off to you Beth Ditto keep doing your thing and rocking the world. If you have ever been to one of her concerts you will see an intense performer who gives her all to the audience her heart and soul is in her music. And her performance are out of this world she doesn't hold back and just cuts loose and the audience loves it

Beth Ditto with Gossip at the Mezzanine (San F...Image via Wikipedia

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