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Is Courtship Dead?

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Dymond Co-Editor of Curvi magazine asked an awesome question,

Is courtship dead? It seems alot of people totally skip that part and goes straight for the bedroom. Why is that? ~Dymond~

And I started to think this is an awesome question as we see all these reality TV shows and how the women act and men act towards women it really shows that there is a low standard that we as women have come to terms with, when we should not come. And when we as women show the men how are interested in us that this is not the we want to be treated. We are label as stuck up and high maintainer i don't think respecting the women you want to be with as sch. If you treat the lady you want to be with, with love kindness respect for who she is and how she makes you feel she will in turn do the same for you. All right lets see what courtship means:

• COURTSHIP (noun)
The noun COURTSHIP has 1 sense:
1. a man's courting of a woman; seeking the affections of a woman (usually with the hope of marriage)

Courtship is the traditional dating period before engagement and marriage. During a courtship, a couple dates to get to know each other and decide if there will be an engagement. Usually courtship is a public affair, done in public and with family approval.

Ok some may think of this as an old fashioned and that was for grandma and grandma we are to intellectual for this old-fashion way of dating, oh really i personal don't think so and lot of women would disagree with that idea. As it states in the definition of courtship that this is were a man is seeking the affections of a women and a period of time were they both get to know each other.

I personal know that this is important I was courted once by this young man from the
Philippines and I was blown away as he would sing love songs to me and I don't mean one or two this went on for months. (I was like what the heck) And because i forgot about courtship I was blown away, but i grow accustom to being treated with love and respect and learned a whole new way of being a better partner by also learning about courtship. And then there is the other part of courtship from a faith based perspective, yes these are things we should think of and ask ourselves were do I stand on courtship.

There are many different cultures that still believe in courtship we should take a lesson and do the same by teaching our children about this very important part of being a great partner (wife/husband)think about it this is the time to get to know each other why always rush to hook up and then what yup then what....


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