Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Having Some Fun With Fuzzy Sally Hansen Nail Polish #IHeartMyNailArt

Getting ready for summer we always get the sunscreen out and our bathing suits and all the gear that goes with bringing in the sun and enjoying the great weather and our nails are also included in this ritual. Taking care of our nails in the summer is a must as they also need to be pampered and protected wearing sunscreen on our hands is a must to prevent sun damage it's a good idea to reapply sunscreen everything you wash your hands and are outdoors. Keeping our nails manicured and healthy is a must all year round!

I decided to head over to Walgreens and purchase my two must have nail polishes for this summer. The Sally Hansen Fuzzy Coat in (Wool Knot) which is super cute for this summer, and the Hard As Nails Xtreme Wear in (Black Out). These two color combo's compliment each other well and they look amazing on your nails. Here are my steps I took to achieve this fun summer look! Check out my Google + trip here.

1.First step is to clean your hands wash our nails with a nail brush and clean under them.
2.Pat dry and file to desired shape or cut if too long.push 
3.Put a cuticle softener and gently push down the cuticle and whip off any extra cuticle softener it's semi dry 
4.Apply a base coat, wait until dry before putting on color
5.Apply color and wait a little before apply, second coat if desired, by the time you are done with your first hand this would have been enough time to apply second coat of color if desired.
6.Here is when the fun starts with Sally Hanson Fuzzy coat you can apply anyway you wish and make any designs you like.

I decided to just put on two coats of black and once dry I added the blue fuzzy coat and I love the look it really pops and it is not busy looking at all and my finger nails look like they are having a party with the confetti look I did on my nails.

The dry time for the first nail polish was not to long wait at least between 15 to 20 minutes before doing anything take this time just to relax and enjoy some free time for yourself.  I plan to make even more different designs using the Fuzzy coat from Sally Hansen it was easy to use and fun and have some really cute colors. #IHeartMyNailArt

During the week of August 18th you can pick up the Fuzzy Coat polishes at 2 for $10 how cool is that? 
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