Friday, July 26, 2013

PEEPERS DENMARK launches Worldwide Campaign

PEEPERS DENMARK launches Worldwide Campaign

We at P.H.A.T. and Loving It heard of a Worldwide Campaign focusing on Curvy Supermodels and a healthy fashion industry. The founder of PEEPERS DENMARK is Mica Oh, she said that they decided to do this campaign because they felt a need for it. 

Curvy models were here to stay in the fashion world and were recognized more often in the fashion industry, but not enough , stating that they need a more healthy fashion industry, and they would fight for it because … THEY REPRESENT CURVES. 

Some people have asked her why she called the campaign Supermodels and Mica answered that they did it because being curvaceous is fashion, the statement that 'fashion is only for some people' - that is rubbish! Fashion is for everyone, no matter size! Designers, magazines, ads - all depend on the consumer, the 'decision maker' in society. They all demand to be inspired to be able to spend money.  

All women have curves, some more than others, some less. Curvy women are the future, also in fashion. Curvy is fashionable, all women love fashion. Fashion is made for women. Get inspired, spread the word. Commit to a healthy fashion industry. Support us - support an industry that all of us can identify with. PEEPERS DENMARK said that the campaign will be developed in 4 different steps focusing on videos and photos. It will let you be inspired by some inspiring people - Curvy Women, Curvy Supermodels. These women want  you to get to know them better.  

They will introduce you to their everyday life, at work and what they stand for. They are just like you and I. We present to you women who work as models who represent curves. They represent PEEPERS DENMARK. Mica Oh you have all our support at P.H.A.T. and Loving It, let’s make the world see that Curvy Women are beautiful too!