Friday, June 21, 2013

RocksBox Gives Us More Of A Choice With Jewelry

I recently joined RocksBox and I am finding this to be a great opportunity to get some new jewelry for my wardrobe and I am able to change it every month for a low monthly fee.  You can do a quick survey on RocksBox to Wear your RocksBox jewelry for up to 60 days which is a great idea and what makes this such a great program is that If you want it for keeps you can purchase it at their members-only discounted price.
This Gold Jaali Filigree band ring designed by Isharya  retail's at $58.00 and members price is 46.40 and great discount for such a beautiful band ring. I truly love this ring it is so beautiful the design looks so marvelous and can go with so many outfits.

You can wear your RocksBox jewelry for up to 60 days and  If you want to keep it you can purchase it at our members-only discounted price.
What to Expect
3 pieces of designer jewelry at a time, curated for you
Wear for up to 60 days
Exchange as often as you like

Membership Perks
Buy anything from your box for 20% off retail
Earn $25 purchase credit for inviting friends
Free shipping both ways
There is a month to month, program with RocksBox and you can join , and do 6 months, 12 months membership which ever one you would like to try it out with and can cancel anytime .

Just the fact that you can change your jewelry without breaking the bank is a great idea and earn while you buy is an even added incentive.
I personally love the way the jewelry was packed and sent out to me, the individual bags kept the jewelry  from getting tangled with each other and neatly placed in their own pretty mesh bags with lace tie ribbon.

The Amanda necklace designed by Angel Court retails at  $195.00 and members prices is $156.00 This is one of my favorite pieces love the look of this necklace, I love the whole design of it but also the length is great a total of 18 inches which falls nicely.

And the tattooed tears studs designed by Bing Bang retail at $78.00 and members price is $62.40. These earrings are so pretty and I like the color which is a dark blue with a hint of Topaz when the light hits it and can be worn with so many different outfits you will really enjoy RocksBox.


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