Thursday, March 14, 2013

Migi Nail Art Discovery

Spring is right around and that means amazing Mani's and Pedi's! I was shopping around in Sam's Club for some items when I came across this amazing product. One of the staff for Migi stopped me and she proceeded to tell me about Migi Nail Art polish and what they offered. Migi Nail Art pens are a NEW and revolutionary nail design tool that allows a quick, easy and affordable way to create artistic nail ritz designs on your nails. 

There unique pens include; two colors that each have a nail polish applicator brush and there patented “Art Tip” for each individual color, so you can add nail dazzle brilliance and fun for hours! It is truly amazing and really easy to use. You just have to practice a bit to get the hang of it. But you will love it! 

Here are the quick tips Migi gives you! Plus I haven't even told you the best part of it! They offer Free refills for life! You can purchase two per day, you only pay shipping and handling which is a reasonable price!

 Here are just a few of the designs the lovely ladies at the Migi booth did, they created french tips with cute designs on each nail. No lie they did this under ten mins, you know if you get your nails done it's going to take as long as an hour. But these ladies were able to do them in ten mins! Amazing!

It even has a Nail art book to teach you different designs you can do on your nails at home. I got a great deal while I was at Sam's Club, for $40.00 I received 24 nail colors with the nail brush and pen they all come attached  There are so many colors in the packs, colors for the spring,summer and fall! You will have a blast using this on yourself and girlfriends. 

Check them out at there different social networks! 

This blog was not compensated, I just really love the product and had to share with my amazing followers. All opinions expressed are my own. 



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