Monday, March 4, 2013

Great Finds At Lane Bryant

These print leggings were on sale for only $6.00 after 70% discount off original price. And pair up well with the black turtle neck, that was also on sale. Was also able to obtain the pink sweater at 70% off original price, I love the print leggings I can wear a different  sold color on top and have different looks. I was able to obtain these great deals by signing up for Lane Bryant text alerts of upcoming deals.
These two print leggings are very comfortable and look great on the curvy figure, you can wear the black and grey print with a white top, black, grey,red and even a solid pink top. As well as the pink print leggings you can wear sold dark colors like black even pink grey,purple white you can do so much.
This pink cashmere was only $12.00 dollars a great buy and looks awesome it has a high low look 
With this black trutle neck you can wear with both of the print leggings from the above pictures and with black slacks or jeans you can have so much fun mixing and matching this top with so many other different garments. What other looks can you make with the above garments?


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