Saturday, January 19, 2013

Smart Shampoo and Products For Great Hair Care

This is a product that I have been using for the last two (2) years and I just love what it does to my hair and the great fragrance it has. The line is called Smart Protection, and I love the way it gives bounce and shine to my hair. before you try out this product make sure to read the ingredients to make sure you have no allergies and always do a small test on your hair.

A shampoo with no sulfates, no salt a lots keratin, rice, soy and wheat proteins is just what your hair needs. Treat and clean your hair daily with this gentle shampoo without  worrying about adding any more chemicals to your hair and protecting it with natural extracts of sunflower, aloe, kiwi, tomato & strawberry. A perfect compliment to cleanse your hair daily after straightening or coloring your hair.


Smart decisions are always beneficial  there conditioner enriched with keratin, sunflower oil and aloe vera will soften, de-tangle and stop hair breakage. It will nourish your hair from scalp to your ends for it is enriched with rice, soy and wheat protein, vitamin A, vitamin B3 and vitamin E plus pro vitamin B5.

*Sunflower Oil
*Aloe Vera

Smart decision serum is always beneficial: Add Shine and smoothness to your hair while protecting your hair from UV Rays. This Serum creates silkiness and helps control frizz throughout the day. Perfect to use when styling due to its ultra thermal protection properties.

Silk Protection
UV Protection
Maximun Shines

You can actually see in these pictures when I started using SP products and all the different shades of color my hair has been, and this product has been very gentle to my hair since I have put my hair through so much. From dyes to highlights, low lights and all manner of heat you can see how healthy my hair looks and the body it has also. Give it a try and share your results.



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