Monday, December 3, 2012

Abuelita's home remedies #KleenexSWS

I remember when I would get sick as a little girl and how my grandmother would take extra care of me,  by making sure I would take my medications and she would watch me, she know I would spit it out as soon as she turned her head it tasted nasty. But she always knew, don't know how but she did I guess she knew it was nasty and would do the same. Grandma made sure to hand me my all my feel good toys and coloring books she made sure I had all of my gear for the cold medications, vapor rub and a Kleenex, she always took extra precaution because the cold could turn into Asthma (I was diagnosed with asthma at age two (2).,) 

When ever I would get a cold she would get out the big pot to make sancocho which is chicken soup but a whole other level of soup which includes yams, carrots, malanga, plaintain plus more. I mean the works and that would just make me feel so much better. She showed me a lot of her home remedies as I got older and I have passed some down to my kids and shared with friends

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  1. When I'm sick I always eat lots of soup and drink lots of orange juice and Hot Tea! :D

  2. I usually just rub on vicks vapor rub and eat lots of soup. And cuddle with my blanket :)

  3. Lots and lots of chicken noodle soup and crackers!

  4. thank you timothy for sharing and Juniper also and jackellyn also I love chicken soup that is one of my favorites