Friday, October 19, 2012

Johnson & Johnson's #Inspired Care Social Media Campaign

These photos represent a few of the many programs supported by Johnson & Johnson and its partner organizations to serve the health and well-being needs of communities and people around the world.   To read more about these programs and others that help us care for those in need, please visit our website:” 

Being a good mother to me is very important to me, as I had three women raise me my mother for a bit my aunt who to this day I call mommie and my grandmother which I kindly call her tonita. I would love to spend time with my grandmother she told me about how she had to raise her eight kids by herself and run a business with he help of her older children and the crazy stuff her kids which are my aunts and uncles would do to her, and it would just make us both laugh.

My grandmother taught me that being a good mother and being their for your children is a very important job and that these are lives we are molding and should be kind and loving to all your children and to make sure to give them a good education. My aunt would be the one to spoil me and be very motherly to me I was with her for a very long time and under her care she should me to always have open arms for your children and to love them and keep them safe. I was with my grandmother and aunt till I got married and all the time they raised me the always made sure to let me know to be a mother that your kids can come to and speak with and be open to be understanding but to always be a good mother.

I have to admit there is one more women who meant and still means a lot in my life and that is my godmother and her name is coca and she was our Madea in our family if any of the kids got out of line they (the parents) would say if you don't stop misbehaving we will tell coca and I remember till this day that we would be all scared and would straighten up in a heart beat. In realty she was the sweetest and kindest women I spent many summers at her house and watched her cook up these great meals, she should me how to make the greatest tasting BBQ chicken. I would be in the kitchen on my tippy toes asking all these questions and she would just answer all of them and teach me so much. 

What all of these women thought me was to at all times that you have the blessing of having your kids with you to love them, nurture them, teach them value who they are as individuals.

Johnson & Johnson and its partners support global motherhood with programs that meet the needs of moms and babies in the U.S. and around the world. Did you know that for  many years, Johnson & Johnson has worked with its partners to care for the well-being of mothers and children around the world?  Johnson & Johnson and its partners touch an estimated one billion PLUS people’s lives each day through their health care products, services and various programs

At this year’s LATISM 2012 conference, Johnson & Johnson will be showcasing some of these initiatives under the theme “global motherhood.” You and others are invited to learn more about their work and help them spread the word through social media about the challenges that mothers face around the world. You, like my mother,  can inspire mothers like you to join them in helping other mothers by raising awareness about important issues and some of the solutions that make a difference. If you are going to LATISM 2012 make sure you stop by suite “Arboretum II” during the LATISM conference to talk with Johnson& Johnson and its partners about the amazing work they do globally!



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