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Jennifer Livingston Rocked the Airways

Jennifer Livingston TV anchor
Jennifer Livingston TV anchor (Photo credit: On Being)
Jennifer Livingston rocked the airways as she read an email that was sent to her by a viewer live on WKBT-TV in La Crosse, Wis , she was elegant and there was no fear in her voice as she read this horrible letter. 

Yes there were no profanity in the letter but the profanity that was there was the thought process of this individual that thought that this type of degrading statement would do good. . At no time would such a letter do good to anyone, but it showed the lack of respect this person has towards individual who are full figured. 

Jennifer Livingston is a champion for all of us who have been bullied in one way or another she took the power that bullied thought he had over her by calling her obese and trying to give her a guilt trip for being a big girl and just cleaned the floor up with him.

 I love what Jennifer Livingston said to "Good Morning America" why she decided to speak out.
"This was a personal attack," Livingston said.  "Calling me obese is one thing.  Calling me a bad role model for our community that I've worked at for 15 years and especially for young girls when I have three girls was a low blow and I thought it was uncalled for and I wanted to call him out on it."

And that she did with such grace and fortitude and  it was just amazing, as you see towards the end her eyes got a bit teary as she made sure to tell everyone who has ever been bullied to never give in to bullies no matter what and to stand tall and not be afraid for who they are.

Being in the spotlight and being fat one has to prepare themselves for all the ridicule, hate and degrading comments some will say, just because one is different from mainstream gives no one the right to put you down to say that you are unacceptable in society. Being fat some think that they have carte blanche to put one down by coming under the cloak of "oh your not healthy" this is a fine line one must be careful, as a lot of  full figured people are not unhealthy as one may think.

Jennifer Livingston's husband even stated how she works out and has ran triathlons and has a thyroid condition,  so she is pretty healthy despite that she has a thyroid condition which makes it harder for her to lose weight and no one who watches WKBT-TV knew this until now. 

In this case a lot of people who are overweight  may have different conditions that contribute to their weight gain and people don't know this and feel free to make degrading comments or try to be what they call caring by saying the dumbest thing like are you aware that being overweight brings a lot of health concerns really like we are not aware and at the same time a lot of full figured individuals are not unhealthy because they are plain and simply put fat. We shouldn't have to always defend ourselves for being fat and say oh yes I am fat but I am working out and changing my eating habits or I have a medical condition that is why I am fat to avoid any kind of criticism.

No matter what the whole outcry for this is that bullying anyone because they are what some may see as different, plus size, too slender,gender orientation or may have a physical disability no one has the right to make fun of them, but because some think that it is their job in this world to point out what they see as flaws. We will have bullies when we choose to be who we really are and be comfortable in our own skin, what we have to do is see them for who they really are, which is very sad individuals who feels the need to try to bring down another person by making derogatory comments to make themselves feel superior. We must speak our peace but never lower ourselves to the bullies level and  be the great person that we are and never give a bully the power to make you feel as if you are not worth nothing. You are worth so much and are so beautiful, your weight doesn't determine your self worth you do.
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