Thursday, October 25, 2012

Get to know Andrés Sandoval and Majida Issa, Police Partners in “Corazones Blindados”

MundoFox police drama series Corazones Blindados began on Monday, October 22.   The series is based on real life scenarios faced by the National Police Force of Colombia.   In the show’s first week, we saw what’s in store for us for the rest of the season.   This show airs Monday-Friday at 8/9 PM ET/PT.     
I really love this show, the main reason is because it depicts real life situations. I love how we are getting to know the actors and seeing how their characters face real life situations by sharing the heart aches, triumphs and challenges faced on the daily basis as police officers. 

Lets meet the Main characters:

 Lieutenant Raul Avila  is played by actor Andres Sandoval 
Officer Raúl Ávila is played by Andrés Sandoval
Raúl Ávila decides to become a Police Officer after witnessing the death of his father, a respected Sergeant. His main goal is to find father’s killer. Raúl graduates with honors as a Lieutenant Coronel and is assigned to Mártires, one of the worst crime-ridden areas of Bogota, where middle class families mix with refugees of criminal organizations, brothels and drug dealers in an area known as the ‘Bronx’.

Colombian actress Majida Issa 
Officer Diana Ochoa is played by Majida Issa
Officer Diana Ochoa is a righteous and honorable woman who has decided to put her love life on hold until she finds out the whereabouts of her daughter’s father, the non-commissioned officer, Vicente Yáñez. Vicente was kidnaped by guerillas six years ago. Once hope is lost for Vicente’s return, Diana decides to put aside her sorrow and give into her feelings for Raúl. Destiny, however, has something else in store for them. Vicente is found safe and sound and comes back into Diana’s life.

Follow Diana’s and Raul’s journey, Monday-Friday at 8/9 PM ET/PT only on Mundo Fox.
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