Friday, September 7, 2012

Summer To Fall Nail Polish Colors

The nail fall colors are deep and rich in color and are vibrant and even matte is in this fall, and we all know that we like to have our nails stand out and just look so pretty and these colors do just that. What I like the most is that matte colors are in and you can do so much with them and not just have shinny sparkling nails you can have texture and 3D art on them. 

The new matte colors are just as beautiful as well, and what is even so wonderful about this is that you can polish your nail with the matte color and just add a regular shinny nail color just on the edge of the nail to give it a different look or even design with a fine nail brush you can use Art Deco colors. The matte doesn't last as long because of no top coat but it is still a great look and change of pace.


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