Monday, September 10, 2012

Terri Herlihy is praised by Plus Model Magazine

Terri Herlihy is a beautiful curvy woman from New York, she was taken to Project Runway by a friend, going with such high expectations and then she met Designer Ven Budhu, it was literally a nightmare. The designer complained about her size and humiliated her. 
Madeline Jones and Terri
I contacted Terri because I just had to talk to her and know her reaction to this awful situation. She was so gracious and told me that she felt bad about the experience of being on Project Runway because of Ven's bullying and when she saw the show it had been edited not airing most of the awful things he said, but something wonderful came out of all of this. Madeline Figueroa Jones Editor and Chief of Plus Model Magazine heard the news and was appalled saying that this was unacceptable to treat a human being like this, she contacted Terri and offered her a shoot for her October Issue, Terri was so happy, she accepted immediately.
Terri at PMM Shoot
Terri told me that she got the royal treatment from PMM, they treated her with dignity and respect, having such a great time at the shoot. She has received so many messages supporting her and she was invited back to the final episode of Project Runway. I wish Terri all the luck in the world from our Plus Size Community in Puerto Rico and myself.

Always remember these words... keep your head up high my darling!

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