Saturday, December 4, 2010

Chane't Johnson I Guess God Missed You To Much

Chane't Johnson

Chane't Johnson died of a heart attack at the age of 34, and will be missed by many as she impacted the world with her smile her talent and her sheer awesomeness. You will find her bio below and more information but none will capture who she really was. She was the sweetest person you could have come in contact with a soul that thought of her family and friends more then herself. A women with substance and a drive that couldn't be matched because she was a talent ahead of her time. Chane't Johnson won the world of entertainment with her talent but she won our hearts because of her kindness she will be missed as every moment you would spend with her her goal was to make you smile to make sure you were more than just ok.

She will be missed but surely never, never, ever forgotten. We give you a standing ovation Chane't Johnson for all you have done in our lives and all the smiles and joy you have brought us and we applauded God and thank him for letting you come here to us and spend some time and to marvel at his work in your life. But I guess God missed you to much and needed you back home, so we bid you a farewell and give a kiss on your check a hug to keep you warm on this new journey.

Like Mahalia Jackson sang this song: If you don't find me walking down here and you don't find me no were come on up to bright glory casue I'll be walking up there.

We will miss you Chane't Johnson and will never forget you.


In a world filled with "hyphenates",
Chane't Johnson is truly sui generis. An in-demand actress who moves easily from drama (WITHOUT A TRACE, CRIMINAL MINDS, BIG LOVE) to comedy (THE MIDDLE, BROTHERS, GIRLFRIENDS), Chane’t has guest starred on dozens of television shows and appeared in numerous feature films. (And thanks to her recurring role on LAX she is recognized by TSA agents at airports across the nation!)

A veteran theatre performer who was mentored by the great South African Director and Playwright Athol Fugard, Chane’t discovered early on that when she spoke, others listened and a director/producer was born. Her recent productions include two comedic webseries, NURSES WHO KILL... andTRAILERATE, and two short films slated for release in spring 2011, THE PONY MANand TEXAS TOAST. She is currently in development to direct and produce two fantasy/horror feature films, THE DARK SISTERS and ANOMOLY.

Chane't Johnson was born A'Drewana Chane't Johnson in Dallas, Texas. Graduating with honors from Duncanville High School, Chane't was awarded a talent scholarship to Southern Methodist University in Dallas where she earned her BFA in Theatre Arts, and worked multiple seasons with the Shakespeare Festival of Dallas. She went on to achieve an MFA in Theatre Arts from the University of California San Diego (UCSD) in 2001 (awarded San Diego Fellow), the same year she was chosen for the role of Lena in the play "Boesman and Lena" written and directed by Athol Fugard. To date, it is her most cherished role. Chane't lists among her creative influences, Whoopi Goldberg, Anna Deavere Smith, Carole Burnett, Nell Carter, Morgan Freeman, Louis Gossett Jr., and her favorite comedian, Jonathan Winters. She has expanded her work into directing and producing with "Nurses Who Kill..." and "Trailerate" two web shows she launched in 2010. Chane't has two short films Texas Toast and Pony Man arriving in 2011, and is in development to direct and produce two fantasy/horror feature films, The Dark Sisters and Anomoly slated for 2012.

Holds an MFA in Acting from University of California, San Diego (UCSD)
Was active in the International Thespian Society, Speech and Debate team, and National Honor Society in High School.
Graduated in 1994 from Duncanville High School in Duncanville, Texas.
Holds a BFA in Acting from Southern Methodist University (SMU Dallas).
Trained Shakespearian actress. She has performed in over 14 Shakespeare plays including ingénue Miranda in "The Tempest".


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