Thursday, August 2, 2012

Olga Gonzalez Ramos Plus Size Inspiration

Olga Gonzalez Ramos

Through our journey in life we meet inspiring people and I have met one recently, her name is Olga Gonzalez Ramos. Since the first time we started talking  we clicked, having so many things in common. Olga is a proud Latina plus model, actress and motivational speaker who hails from New Jersey. In this capacity, her mission has been to show society and the media that plus size women, as well as today's curvy youth, are just as talented and beautiful as any other women...she is a Curvy Advocate and has appeared in Marie Claire in a 'plus-positive' article on being big, beautiful AND successful!

She has also appeared in Figure & All You Magazines and can be found in the forward of Chamein Canton's, Down That Aisle in Style!: A Wedding Guide for the Full-figured Woman, she is also Contributing 'Relationship Adviser' of Just as Beautiful is the #1 UK Lifestyle publication for plus size women.  Olga has also appeared on segments for Univision and Telemundo and is a featured extra in the Matt White video 'Love' shot in NYC.  Olga was interviewed by Despierta America last week and she was amazing...the camera loves her. As a writer she is very much admired, I love her column in Daily Venus Diva and in Latina Magazine among others, she has plans to come to Puerto Rico, we are working on the details, and I can't wait to meet this beautiful and inspiring lady that I am proud to call my friend!


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