Sunday, July 15, 2012

Nao Nao Group

Aisha Naomi
Nao Nao -Group is taking Puerto Rico by storm, they are amazing. The Group was created by stylist Aisha Naomi and photographer Naomy Quiñones, their concept was developed by the end of 2008 this is where professionals and leaders of the industry joined their creativity and talent to craft an outlet of exposure and development. The group and their artist have now become a leading edge organization, they are creative, very talented, and their work is of excellence. Makeup Artist and Stylist, Aisha Naomi, has been working in the
Naomi Quiñones
fashion industry for over 10 years. Establishing her roots with Chanel Cosmetics in Puerto Rico. Having the opportunity to study withrenowned international Makeup Artist David Lang. Excelling and becoming his protégé, heading on to work as a makeup artist for runways and print. Aisha Naomi has also been featured as guest makeup artist for cosmetic companies L’Oreal, Maybelline and Clarins. Photographer Naomi Quiñones quotes "My work is based on beauty and our notions of beauty. Every editorial is, for me, a unique opportunity to present a fleeting idea of what beauty is; and on what can be perceived as beautiful in the human body

."They are working on some new projects and as I am informed you can be sure I will blog about them again.

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