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Workshops & Presentations | Cover Girl Culture

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Workshops & Presentations | Cover Girl Culture:
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What can I say but that this is an awesome workshop for our girls to participate in. We have all seen the covers of so many different magazine's and their portrayal of what a women should look like and the very unrealistic body types that can only be reached by some kind of body neglect (not eating) or altering your own body.

The Cover Girl Culture is a wonderful workshop that deals with a lot of issue regarding self esteem valuing who you are as a person and taking good care of who you are inside and out.

Cover Girl Culture is a documentary film exploring the impact of media on girls and women in our society.  Through exclusive interviews with the editors of Teen Vogue and Elle magazines the film takes a hard look at the fashion industry and the messages it coveys to young people.  It also reveals the pressure tweens/teens face from our celebrity-centered-culture and the shocking problems caused by the sexualization of girls by the media.

Cover Girl Culture

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Workshops & Presentations | Cover Girl Culture
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