Friday, February 17, 2012

Casual Outfit For Less and Still looking Great

Hi just wanted to share this outfit that I wore to a casual event and it didn't cost much.

The dress is from Dots and it cost only $7.00 which was on sale. And the leggings are from  Just My Size and also for $7.00 and I got these from Walmart.

The shoes I have to say was just a steal I had passed by a Payless that was closing and the cashier said that if we buy  5 pairs of shoes we would have to pay $10.50 which brings the cost for each pair only $2.00, needless to say I was all over that.

And the Jacket is from Avenue for $15.00 which I love it is cotton and semi pleated at the top with one big button and cut's off at the waist.

Makeup done by Lancome
Lip Liner: Le Lipstique Sheer stick with brush color Sheer Plum
Eye Shadow: Lancome Color Design 302  Purple Plumps
Color Design  115 Hotness" Lustrous"
Color Design Trendy 
Color Design Rose
Mascara Lancome Cils Booster XL
Lancome 01 So Black 

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