Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Comfort & Style

For rehearsal  I decide to go comfortable but still making a statement with my outfit. The purple blouse is from Just My Size and very affordable what caught my eye on this blouse were the V shape design on the top subtle but yet very pretty.

The vest is from Torrid and this one was a steal from there online clearance and by paring the vest with the blouse it gave the whole outfit more of a classic flare on to much over the top but enough.

The slacks were sleek very simple with side pockets and from B Street  and I went with the flat black wedges with this since at rehearsal had to be comfortable and still pretty.

The makeup was also simple but I did do more on the eyes with BH Cosmetics palette 1 and M.A.C foundation.

You can pair so many different items and still look fabulous, so dont be afraid and go ahead and start.

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