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Lets Take A Good Look At The Butt

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The medical term for the butt ( Glutues Maimus)
The gluteus maximus (or glutæus maximus) is the largest and most superficial of the three gluteal muscles. It makes up a large portion of the shape and appearance of the buttocks.
It is a broad and thick fleshy mass of a quadrilateral shape, and forms the prominence of the nates.
Its large size is one of the most characteristic features of the muscular system in humans,[1] connected as it is with the power of maintaining the trunk in the erect posture. Other primates have much flatter buttocks.
The muscle is remarkably coarse in structure, being made up of fasciculi lying parallel with one another and collected together into large bundles separated by fibrous septa.

Here are some slang words:

Ass,butt,booty,rear-end,badonkadonk,arse,balloon knot,behind,bum, whoopie cakes,patootie and of course the ever popular junk in the trunk. We have all seen it when a women with a round butt the men tend to turn their heads and you can just see their mouth's salivate and even hear some of the remarks they say some may like it and some may not. I know that a rounder back-side gives more of a curve the the female body more of a pear shape. If can even remember some of the magazine used to and still do sell underwear that has a bit lift and or even fake butts and so this goes to show you that the fascination of a round firm butt has been here for a long time. From:

1. Vida Guerra 2. Jessica Biel 3. Jessica Alba 4. Jennifer Lopez 5. Shakira 6. Beyonce
7. Charisma Carpenter 8. Evangeline Lilly 9. Brittany Daniel 10. Kim Kardashian

And these are just some I know I am missing some but by now you get the idea, as you can see some of these ladies are very thin and some may be called curvy because of their fuller figure that shows off more of there butt... In most of the music videos you see how they glorify the might butt and at what price? There is one young lady that i can say paid the ultimate price
Ms.Solange Magnano Former Miss Argentina Dies From Cosmetic Buttocks Surgery.

That was so sad to hear she had it all but felt she was lacking in the rear this cost her the ultimate price which was her life. How far will we a go to change in a hurry what we feel is so wrong with our bodies, to much pressure I always say for something that at the end of the day really is not worth risking your life for. This is a sad finish for this young lady and we must think again it's just a butt come on as lovely as it looks lets keep what we have and work it out. We have so many songs about big butt's but the one we remember are Fat Bottomed Girls by Queen and Baby Got Back by Sir Mix-A-Lot These are songs that just gave it up to the butt and we loved them and enjoyed their lyrics because either we have the big but or love the big butt. What ever it maybe, the round voluptuous and ever so tantalizing butt gets a standing ovation.

The media is a big source of butt loving if I may use such a term look at the new Nike butt ad and how the just blasted and even wrote a poem about the butt (WOW). We as a society have such a love affair with the butt its amazing,that Nike has now taken notice and made an ad about loving your big butt, I cant help but smile a little. So those who have been blessed no longer protest about your gift and celebrate.

"Just a side note remember its also a waste sight I'm just saying"

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