Thursday, June 6, 2013

Monif C Curvy Summer Swim Wear

This is such a beautiful vintage swimsuit it hugs the curvy figure, this swimsuit just look so glamours a true timeless piece to have in your closet. What makes this swimsuit stand out even more is the design on the bust area the criss-cross gives it such a beautiful soft and elegant look.

This is such a sporty swimsuit in white a very classic look and it features a full control lining and soft bra cups this is always a plus to have in a swimsuit for the fuller figure.
Dunn River racer Mesh Plus Size

This swimsuit is so beautiful it has a sewn in soft bra cup and this is so helpful if you are top heavy this gives you a very nice look, and it also has a mesh lining through out the entire swimsuit and the length of the skirt is just right to show off your legs and give you that sexy look, they also carry it in fuchsia and white. 

To see more of Monit C's beautiful swimwear you can visit their catalog page which I have added a link to.


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