Monday, April 22, 2013

The NISSAN Sentra: How it can help you have peace of mind!

I have been a Fan of Nissan ever since I owned a Nissan Quest Van and it ran perfectly and it was the best van for me because at the time I had two small children.. My whole family has owned different variations of the Nissan brand, so you can say it's a family tradition to own one. So when I heard about the NISSAN promotion  I was so excited to share with you, bout the new NISSAN Sentra which is so luxurious and spacious. It feels like a sophisticated car, with the sleek chrome accents, spacious interior,and high quality padding seems like a dream...right?  They are running a promotion on their facebook page check it out here. 

All Images courtesy of Nissan, All Rights Reserved.

Elegant and refined exterior and interior styling

All Images courtesy of Nissan, All Rights Reserved.
  • Wrap-around LED head-lamps and tail-lamps
  • Chrome accents
  • Spacious interior with class-leading rear seat legroom
  • High-quality touch and feel with upgrade of Softpad padding on instrument panel, door trim armrest, and console armrest

All Images courtesy of Nissan, All Rights Reserved. 

A “class-above” convenience features
  • Carefully-designed driver’s area looks integrated
  • Affordable navigation with back-up camera
  • I-key with keyless entry and push-button start
  •  XM, Pandora Link 
  • Tire pressure monitor with audible fill alert
  • Dual-zone A/C
The ride is smooth and quiet which is pretty great when you have a sleeping baby in the back. Something i found pretty cool was that you can configure your IPod and MP3 into your car. Also you can connect your bluetooth phone into the system as well. 

All Images courtesy of Nissan, All Rights Reserved. 

Something that caught my eye besides all the snazzy features The Sentra has is the MPG "Miles Per Gallon" Because of this day in age it seems everyone is on a budget including myself, and to know a car like the NISSAN Sentra is going to help me save money when I go to the pump is very reassuring

I am very excited to share with you national facebook en espanol NISSAN Sentra promotion.
Like the NISSAN en Español page and invite your friends and family to like it too. Once a certain amount of likes has been reached the first prize will be revealed.  The more we are the better the prizes get! 

 Each prize will be related to one of the NISSAN Sentra’s benefits, some examples:
Since this promotion is revolving around the Sentra, each prize is related to the car, how cool is that!
  • Comfort = a massage prize
  • Space = Trek Bicycle
  • Rear View Camera = Nikon Digital Camera
  • Fuel Efficiency = High Value Gas Card

You can participate by visiting the Nissan en Español Facebook page here: 
Learn more about the new Nissan Sentra on the Nissan website HERE or on the Nissan website in Spanish HERE.
Checkout out there Youtube Channel HERE.

This is part of a sponsored campaign with Latina Mom Bloggers and Nissan. However, all opinions expressed are my own. 



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